Andi C.

"Jasmin brought me back to life! I had no energy, daily afternoon crashes, and a mid-section that devastated me."


My health took a back seat for a while.


After starting Jasmin's program, the support was instant, not only from her but the members of Hormone Harmony Solution.


Within weeks I noticed a positive shift in energy. After a few more weeks I started noticing my body changing.


My clothes were fitting better and I became more confident. I felt great! I FEEL great!


Jasmin teaches you all about mindset and the importance of small wins. This program has truly created a lifestyle change for me and my family. I will be forever grateful for Jasmin's guidance and motivation.



"I've restored my energy and have found balance. I've also lost 20 pounds and fit into my favourite clothes again!"

I did calorie restriction, 21-day fixes, keto, and beach body. I lost some weight but could never maintain my results, especially as a nurse and busy mom.


The Hormone Harmony Solution gave me the support and accountability I needed, with a step-by-step plan, making small changes to my diet and lifestyle, which had a huge impact on my body. I felt fuller, had more energy and cravings went away.


This program literally changed my life, it taught me how to get my macros in to fuel my body - I'm so thankful for the program! Jasmin's support and encouragement were great and kept me on track. Wahoo I did it!

Karen H.


"Cravings gone, energy back!".



When I reached out to Jasmin I felt frustrated and defeated because nothing I was trying helped me overcome that feeling of being so tired all the time, uncomfortable in my skin - restricting calories, and cutting carbs stopped working for me.

The Hormone Harmony Solution walked me through step by step on what to focus on to get the energy and confidence I had been looking for. Without having to restrict foods (and wine) I love!


This program helped me ditch cravings, get my energy back, lose 9 inches in 12 weeks, and showed me how simple it is to apply to my busy life and keep up with it.